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Here you can find frequently asked questions about the J55 3D printer

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PolyJet - "Vacuum Out of Range" error message

FDM - Material canister not recognized

FDM - Material cannot be loaded

FDM - Material cannot be unloaded

FDM - Material is jammed at the tip of the print head

FDM - Model does not stick to modelling base

FDM - Model surface is rough

FDM - Print job pauses during printing

FDM - "Vacuum Lost" error message

PolyJet - Bumper error message

PolyJet - "Cartridge Weight" error message

PolyJet - Material cartridge is not identified

PolyJet - Material leakage on the build tray

PolyJet - MCB error message

PolyJet - Model is not completely cured or seems melted

Polyjet - Part Quality is poor

PolyJet - Print job cannot be sent to the printer

PolyJet - "Print Job Stopped by Internal Computer (Objet Studio)" error message

PolyJet - Objet Studio Freezes or Crashes with Windows 10