PolyJet Support Materials

PolyJet SUP706

PolyJet’s gel-like support materials are specially designed to provide support to overhangs as well as complicated geometries during part creation. The support material can be easily removed by hand or using water.

  • SUP705 is used with Objet24/30 V2, Objet24/30 V3, Eden260VS, Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3, Stratasys J735/750, Objet1000 Plus and J4100.
  • SUP706B is used with Objet24/30 V3, Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3, Stratasys J735/750, and Stratasys J700.
  • SUP707 is used only with Eden260VS.
  • SUP710 is a Gel-like photopolymer support material specially designed for the J55 3D printer LED curing process. This support material enables the creations of parts with complex geometries, overhangs, and undercuts. It is a breakaway support material that can be removed manually by hand, water pressure, brushing, or other mechanical means. SUP710 is used only with J5 Series.
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