SLS & Printhead-Based PBF Materials

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a versatile 3D printing technology, often used for functional prototyping, small-batch production and end-use parts. SLS parts can be found in airplanes, wearables, machine components, production tools and more. With SLS, a laser fuses together polymer powder particles, building a part layer by layer. This print method is best for producing high-accuracy functional prototypes and parts with complex geometries. Since the powder supports the part as it’s printed, no additional supports are needed.

With Printhead-Based PBF a thin layer of powder is applied to a building platform. An inkjet print head moves over the entire surface of the platform, depositing an infrared-absorbing fluid directly onto the powder where fusing is desired. The build area is then illuminated with infrared light, fusing the powder under the fluid into a layer.

PBT Material – Addigy® P1210

PBT powder for selective laser sintering (SLS) with excellent dielectric properties. With production readiness extensively proven by an independent global manufacturing leader. Wide sinter window. High re-use rate; recyclable to the extent that the material can be brought back to the powder bed process.

TPC/TPE Material - Addigy® P3001

Soft elastomeric material for SLS printing with very high energy return of >70%. Certified ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity, ISO 10995-10 Irritation & Sensitization. Meets requirements of Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. Easy to process without common side effects such as odors. For footwear, sporting goods as well as industrial applications.

TPU Materials

Range of Thermoplastic Urethane powders for SLS and Printhead-Based PBF, with varying properties to accommodate applications across industries.

Material Validated for PBF technology Shore Hardness Properties Ideal applications
Addigy® PPU 74DR5 SLS 70-74D Tough and rigid. Very good hydrolytic stability and microbial resistance.
Very good low-temperature impact strength, UV resistant.
Functional prototyping, jigs and fixtures, shoe caps.
Addigy® PPU 83AX1 SLS 83A Soft and flexible material with high toughness, impact strength.
Abrasion resistance. Hydrolytic stable.
Addigy® PPU 86AW6 Extra Flow SLS 85-89A Extra-high powder flowability. Microbial and hydrolytic resistance.
High rebound. UV resistant.
Automotive and industrial parts.
Addigy® PPU 86AW6 Ultra Flow Printhead-Based PBF 85-89A Ultra-high powder flowability. Microbial and hydrolytic resistance.
High rebound. UV resistant.
Automotive and industrial parts.
Addigy® PPU 90AX6 SLS 90A Flexible material with high toughness. Inherent resistance to salt water.
Stress cracking and hydrolytic stability.
Footwear and orthopedics.
Addigy® PPU 94AP6 SLS 90-94 A Good low-temperature impact strength. Wear & scratch resistance.
Chemical resistance & tear & abrasion resistance.
Footwear and orthopedics, textile, wearables, automotive.