Frequently Asked Questions about 3D printing

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FDM - How do I connect to the printer with Insight/Catalyst/GrabCAD Print?

FDM - How do I move the printer?

FDM - How do I set tip wipe height?

FDM - How to pull a configuration file

FDM - I came in and found the machine powered off when it’s supposed to be on.

FDM - Lost power/ print job paused/ error message displayed. Can my build be recovered?

FDM - Material canister not recognized

P3 - Part geometry does not print perfectly when using material a certain material

P3 - The build job stops before it is complete

P3 - The completed build has surface quality issues

P3 - The print head is stuck

P3 - The tray sheet looks cloudy/wrinkled/odd

FDM - Material cannot be loaded

FDM - Material cannot be unloaded

FDM - Material is jammed at the tip of the print head

FDM - Model does not stick to modelling base

FDM - Model surface is rough

FDM - My material keeps getting wet what can I do to avoid that?

FDM - My part is lifting off the tray/sheet what should I do?

FDM - My printer displays a “check dryer system” what should I do?

FDM - My printer failed to load/unload material what can I try?

FDM - My printer won’t turn on what should I do?

FDM - Print job pauses during printing

FDM - Spare parts purchase or service for my small box printer.

FDM - System is displaying an error code on the screen

FDM - System keeps pausing and don’t know why

FDM - There is no material coming out of my tip what should I check?

FDM - Unable to print readable calibration job. What to do next?

FDM - "Vacuum Lost" error message

FDM - What calibrations are needed at what intervals and how do I read them?

FDM - What should I do if I insert a canister and the machine does not accept the material?

FDM - What tip, material, support, build sheet do I use for x?

FDM - Where can I download the latest version of software/firmware?

PolyJet - Bumper error message

PolyJet - How do I correct a print job that is shifted along the Y-axis beyond the tray boundaries?

PolyJet - Which printers does GrabCAD Print support?

PolyJet - "Cartridge Weight" error message

PolyJet - How do I dispose of my waste containers/empty resin containers?

PolyJet - How many cleaning cartridges are needed to shut down my printer?

PolyJet - I would like to get a quote for a contract/renewal/recertification

PolyJet - If I need parts for my machine where do I order them?

PolyJet - Material cartridge is not identified

PolyJet - Material leakage on the build tray

PolyJet - MCB error message

PolyJet - Model is not completely cured or seems melted

Polyjet - Part Quality is poor

PolyJet - Print job cannot be sent to the printer

PolyJet - "Print Job Stopped by Internal Computer (Objet Studio)" error message

PolyJet - "Vacuum Out of Range" error message

PolyJet - What is my printer’s expected end of life/service?

PolyJet - What material can my machine run?

PolyJet - What’s the difference between SUP705 and SUP706?

PolyJet – When shutting the printer down for more than 30 days, how many cleaning fluid cartridges are needed to run the Shutdown wizard?

PolyJet - Where can I find the SDS for my material?

PolyJet - Where do I go to order materials?

PolyJet - Who do I contact to get parts built?

PolyJet - Who do I contact to start a material return/material exchange?

PolyJet - Objet Studio Freezes or Crashes with Windows 10

PolyJet 3DFashion - Before printing my design, how can I verify that the fabric and printing materials are suitable for the 3D print?

PolyJet 3DFashion - Can I print on netting (or mesh) fabric?

PolyJet 3DFashion - During fabric placement, when should I use double-sided adhesive tape between the build tray and the fabric?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How can I prevent color bleeding on the back of my 3D print?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How can I prevent deformations of the 3D print?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How can I prevent tackiness of 3D prints?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How can I prevent wetting marks on the fabric around the 3D print or behind it?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How do I correct the color of a 3D print that did not come out as expected?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How do I maintain the design dimensions and reduce fabric rippling?

PolyJet 3DFashion - How do I reduce the likelihood of fabric lifting?

PolyJet 3DFashion - What size fabric is supported when printing on fabric?