Somos DLP Materials for Open Platforms

3D printed plastic belt buckle

Additive manufacturing will only penetrate end-use production if and when manufacturers have access to engineering-grade materials that bring the required properties to their applications - at time of printing and throughout its lifetime.

Somos® materials scientists are putting their industry-proven photopolymers toolbox to work to develop high-performance materials for DLP/LCD technology. The combination of engineering-grade materials with fast DLP technology at lower cost of entry makes 3D printing accessible to companies looking to transition to additive manufacturing.

Choose from application-specific materials that have proven performance and come with industry-standards testing data.

Somos® PerFORM HW - DLP version of the best-in-class Somos® PerFORM. Proven material that offers high stiffness and high temperature performance required for applications such as tools for injection molding. Somos® PerFORM HW brings the benefits of PerFORM to the cost efficiency of DLP printing.

Somos® QuickGen 500 - Fast printing economical material with a unique balance of flexibility and stiffness, resulting in a flexible material with great spring back

    Supporting Printers

  • DLP `printers using a 385 nm wavelength digital light projector to cure the resin








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