SAF Materials

End Use Parts made of SAF Materials PA12

The H350™ 3D printer leveraging SAF™ technology delivers best-in-class consistency for production grade plastic parts.


PA12 is the most printed polymer in powder bed fusion, with seventy percent of all parts being made with this material. It is well known as an accurate, versatile, and cost-effective material, making it ideal for volume production of end use parts. Combined with SAF technology and the H350’s consistency, SAF PA12 increases manufacturing possibilities across a broad range of applications and industries. These production parts can be geometrically intricate and strong, making them suitable for applications such as housings, handles, and brackets.

High Yield PA11

Made from renewable castor oil, PA11 has been used in highly demanding advanced industrial applications for over seventy years. High Yield PA11 is bio-sourced and delivers production-grade plastic parts with high ductility and impact resistance. For example, a phone case made from PA11 will likely bounce back instead of shattering. In orthotics, it is the material of choice due to its improved ductility as compared to PA12. The H350 3D printer, with its consistent and repeatable printing methods, allows the volume production of end use parts at an extremely competitive cost per part. This is why PA11 can replace traditional manufacturing in an increasing number of applications.

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