3DFashion - Fabric Lifting

Fabric Lifts or the Printing Material Separates from the Fabric

Fabric lifting

Fabric lifts or the printing material separates from the fabric or substrate material.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Large, Flat, Flexible 3D Prints

Fabric lifting might occur for large, flat, flexible prints.

Solution 1: Add double-sided adhesive tape when you place the fabric on the build tray.
For more information about double-sided adhesive tape, refer to “Preparing the Build Tray for Printing on Fabric” in the User Guide.

Solution 2: Add an adhesion layer by using GrabCAD Print to set the layer material between the fabric and the printed design to VeroClear or Digital Material RGD-FT-001-DM.

Print setting in GrabCAD Print software

For more details about best practices, refer to Printing on Fabric with J850 TechStyle - EN PolyJet Best Practice.