Displaced Drops

Displaced Drops on Model Surface

Sometimes displaced drops are formed on the surface of the model when printed with VeroUltra™ White material on J7 and J8 Series printers.

PQ - Displaced Drops1

Possible Causes and Solutions

Air turbulence around the model

The air turbulence around the model does not occur in other materials because of different properties such as the weight of the drops, UV resistance, etc.

Solution 1: Cover the model with an external wall.

PQ - Displaced Drops2

The recommended thickness is 2 mm and the gap from the model is 1 mm.

PQ - Displaced Drops3

Preventive measures: Same as solution.

Solution 2: Print multiple models on the tray very closely.

The parts need to be approximately 1.0 mm apart to block the air turbulence.

PQ - Displaced Drops4

Preventive measures: Same as solution.