Tango (Rubberlike Material)

A black 3D printed shoe sole

The Tango family of PolyJet photopolymers can simulate rubber with different levels of hardness, elongation, and tear resistance. Gray, black, white, and translucent, Tango material can be used on a wide variety of finished products ranging from soft-grip handles to footwear. With Stratasys J750 and Connex3 systems, you can add color to the mix for exceptional final-product realism.

Tango material is available in the following configurations:

  • Rubber-like gray (TangoGray FLX950)
  • Rubber-like black (TangoBlack FLX973)
  • Rubber-like translucent (TangoPlus FLX930)
  • Rubber-like advanced black (TangoBlackPlus FLX980)

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