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Transparent material (RGD720) is a multipurpose transparent PolyJet photopolymer for standard clear plastics simulation. It combines high dimensional stability with surface smoothness.

Transparent material (VeroClear-RGD810) is a rigid, nearly colorless material featuring proven dimensional stability for general purpose, fine-detail model building and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastics such as PMMA.

Transparent PolyJet digital material (VeroUltraClear-RGD820) simulates PMMA, achieving 95% light transmission of that material, and is useful for prototypes of glass, clear polymers, or transparent packaging. Improves upon past performance of VeroClear with higher level of clarity, transparency, and a lower yellow index.

VeroUltraClearS (RGD821), a high clarity and transparent material simulating PMMA, significantly improves translucency. It is a single material channel solution which is easy to post-process and polish using CMY materials as an enabler.

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