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Gel-like support materials are specially designed to uphold overhangs and complicated geometries during the 3D printing process. Supports can be easily removed by hand or water. 

SUP710 is a Gel-like photopolymer support material specially designed for the J55 3D printer LED curing process. It allows building complex geometries and uphold overhangs and undercuts. It is a Breakaway support type that can be removed mechanically by hand, water pressure, brushing or other mechanical means.

SUP705: Objet24/30 V2Objet24/30 V3Eden260VS,Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3, Stratasys J735/750, Objet1000 Plus  

SUP706B: Objet24/30 V3, Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3, Stratasys J735/750Stratasys J700

SUP707: Eden260VS only.

SUP710: J55 only.


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      • PolyJet SUP706 Soluble Support Material - How to Use

        PolyJet SUP706 Soluble Support Material - How to Use

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