3D Printed Models with Melted Look

The Walls of the Model Look Melted

Printed models occasionally have a melted look, with the appearance of droplets or drooping on the surface. This can be caused by a number of reasons, which we describe below. 


3D Printed Model with melted look


Possible Causes and Solutions

Dirty UV Glass Lens

The glass lens on the UV lamp may be dirty with material.

Solution: Clean the glass with Isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth.

Preventive measures: Make sure the glass lens on each of the UV lamps is always clean. For easy access, run the Head Cleaning wizard, and use the special cleaning pad supplied. Make sure that the glass over the UV sensor is always clean.

See the User Guide for detailed instructions on how to clean the UV lens.


Low UV Intensity

The UV lamp might flicker, or its intensity might be too low. In this case, it does not cure the material properly, resulting in melted-looking layers.

Solution: Run the UV Lamp Calibration wizard. If the UV lamp cannot be calibrated, you might need to replace the UV lamp.  See the user guide for guidelines.

Preventive measures: None.


TIP: In addition to the suggested above, you can also run the Dynamic Nozzle Test as a diagnostic tool if you suspect the nozzles are not working properly.