H350 3D Printer Support

Stratasys H350 3D printer

The Stratasys H350™ 3D printer leveraging SAF technology™ creates accurate and repeatably consistent production-grade parts. The H350 provides you with control over your costs and production. End-use parts printed by the H350 range from bulky and large, to complex with fine details. The H350 utilizes High Yield PA11 polymer powder which produces parts that have high ductility and impact resistance.

The H350 3D printer has a build size of 315 x 208 x 293 mm (12.40 x 8.18 x 11.53 in).

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    AC Power Requirements

  • 400VAC
  • 3P+N+PE
  • 50/60 Hz
  • 16A
  • Consumption: 3.25 kW, 5 kW (peak), 0.15 kW (Idle)

    LAN Requirements

  • RJ45 Ethernet connection 35MBit
  • Network with DHCP server and internet access








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