Origin One Dental Materials

Teeth 3D printed prototypes

Mainstream the manufacturing process with Origin One Dental materials and ensure predictable and repeatable results that provide a perfect fit in less time.

  • Dental Models: Origin DM100™ resin a tailored solution for dental models developed by BASF and Biocompatible Origin DM200™ resin a high accuracy, high throughput material for all dental models, developed by Stratasys.

  • Dreve Foto® Dent Denture is a Light-curing resin for the production of denture bases. The material provides for accurate results with an outstanding dimensional stability.

  • KeyCast® by Keystone is a low shrinkage accurate material compatible with rapid burnout and gradual temperature ramp workflows, with no residual ash.

  • KeyDenture Try In® by Keystone is a precise Biocompatible material, designed to create efficient, high surface quality denture try in.

  • KeyGuide® by Keystone is a biocompatible, robust, accurate, Transparent and easy to polish resin, used to print customed surgical guide.

  • KeyMask® by Keystone is a flexible yet firm gingival mask material, Perfect for digital restoration planning.

  • KeyOrtho IBT® by Keystone is a Biocompatible, tasteless, and odorless material that combines the strength and precision to accurately set brackets, with the flexibility and non-stick formula needed for easy release.

  • KeySplint Hard® by Keystone printed on the Origin One Dental shows excellent wear Resistance, high abrasion resistant and stain resistant.

  • KeySplint Soft® by Keystone is a fully biocompatible, robust, accurate, and stain-resistant material for printing of soft splints.

  • KeySplint Soft Clear® by Keystone is a fully transparent, strong, flexible resin for the printing of clear soft splints.

  • KeyTray® by Keystone is a f a strong, biocompatible material designed to create precise durable tray, compatible with all types of impression material.

All Keystone assets can be found on the Keystone material website and all Dreve assets can be found on the Dreve material website.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Supporting Printers


  • Customized, individual casting molds & impression trays
  • Restorative and orthodontic models
  • Precise denture base
  • Short-term trial dentures
  • Simulating the look and feel of gum tissue
  • Rigid dental splints
  • Retainers
  • Orthodontic brackets transfer trays
  • Splints, night guards and bleaching trays
  • Transparent surgical guides