Digitized Lines

Digitized Lines Appear on a Straight Wall

Sometimes, digitized lines appear on the surface of a long straight 3D printed wall.

Note: The first phase of diagnosing quality issues is verifying that the printer is calibrated properly. Do the following:

  1. Verify the roller waste collector is clean.
  2. Run the Advanced Head Optimization wizard.
  3. Run the Advanced printing diagnostics option under Pattern Test.
  4. Run the Head Calibration wizard.

Note: Refer to the relevant User Guide for guidelines.

PQ - Digitizedl-Lines1

Possible Causes and Solutions

When You Have Digitized Lines Use the Solution Below

When you have digitized lines in certain 3D Prints, follow the solution described in this Troubleshooting Guide.

Solution: Manually orient the 3D Print in GrabCAD Print as follows:

  1. In GrabCAD Print, create another tray and add the 3D part.

    PQ - Digitized-Lines2

  2. Select Orient, select a plane, click lock, and then click Orient Face to Plane.

    PQ - Digitized-Lines3
    PQ - Digitized-Lines4

  3. Click on the 3D print, and in the Orient to Plane dialog box, select the required surface.

    PQ - Digitized-Lines5

  4. Click Done.

Preventive measures: Based on your experience, set the Orient to Plane option according to your preference.