3DFashion - Color Appearance

Color Appears Different than Expected

Color appearance

Color of 3D print does not appear as expected. For example, the color may appear transparent instead of vivid.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Design Elements May be Too Thin

Elements that are less than 1.0–mm thick do not print with a white core (if selected). If you use vivid colors only, these elements may appear transparent.
0.5mm thick print
1.00mm thick print

Solution 1: Print the Fabric Analyzer and follow instructions as described in the relevant best practice guide: Printing on Fabric with J850 Prime FabriX - EN PolyJet Best Practice and Printing on Fabric with J850 TechStyle - EN PolyJet Best Practice.

Solution 2: Change the design to ensure that the thickness of the elements is greater than 1.0 mm. In that case, the white core that you select is printed and the vivid colors will appear as expected (not transparent).

Preventive measures: Use the Fabric Analyzer, Color test, with the selected fabric and all the printing material loaded in the printer to show the effect of color performance of the printing materials at 2 different thicknesses.

Preview of the Selected Color is Not the Same as the Actual Color

The preview of the color designed in the 2D software is not in the same color gamut as the printer color gamut.

Solution: In the design software, select colors for your design that do not shift too much across color gamuts and look best in your printer color gamut.

Preventive measures: For more details, see the following resources: