Shavings on Model or Tray

Shavings on Model or on Tray

Sometimes, shavings of cured material appear on the model’s surface or around it.


Shaving on a 3D printed model


Possible Causes and Solutions

Roller Waste Collector Overflow

The roller waste collector can overflow with cured material residue if it is not emptied frequently enough. Particles of this residue can appear on the model’s surface, looking like shavings that started to peel off during printing.

Solution: Clean the roller waste collector once a week to prevent this effect. See the user guide for instructions.

Preventive measures: Same as solution.


Dulled or Misaligned Roller Scraper

The roller scraper may be dull or misaligned, and therefore, not properly removing excess material from the roller. If the roller is not clean, surface quality can be affected.

Solution: Replace the roller scraper. If you are using one of our desktop printers, replace the roller waste collector assembly. See the user guide for instructions.

Preventive measures: Run the Cleaning wizard before and after every print job.  Make sure to clean properly between prints and maintain the printer properly.

Also, periodically test the effectiveness of the roller scraper when you clean the roller waste collector. Replace the roller scraper blade after 1,000 hours of printing or if it does not effectively keep the roller clean, whichever comes first.

For more detailed instructions, see the Routine Maintenance Tasks in the User Guide.