FDM 2000-3000-8000

Stratasys Support Center – FDM 2000/3000/8000

The FDM 2000, FDM 3000, and FDM8000 use Fused Deposition ModelingTM (FDM) to turn computer-aided design (CAD) geometry into models that can be used for design reviews, manufacturability studies, investment casting patterns, and marketing.

The FDM 2000 features the Break Away Support System (BASS), allowing the designer to create models with greater speed and precision.

The FDM 3000 features WaterWorks Soluble Release. The support tip for the FDM 2000/3000/8000 extrudes a material that supports any overhanging portions of the model’s geometry.

With the FDM 3000, when the model is completed, the support is easily dissolved, leaving behind the final product.

The FDM 2000/3000 is a bench-top unit standing forty-five and one half inches high with a 26 x 36 inch footprint.

Because it requires no exhaust hood or other special facilities, it can be placed next to a designer’s CAD workstation

To view information about Stratasys FDM Legacy platforms (no longer manufactured), click here.

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