Rough Side Walls

Rough and Non-Uniform Side Model Walls

Printed models sometimes feature poor print quality in the side walls and edges, causing them to look rough and non-uniform. If you try printing the model in different orientations and still see less than optimal results in the same location on the build tray, the problem is probably originating from the printer rather than the file. Another indication that there is a problem is if a Head Filling error message appears. Rough and non-uniform walls can be caused by any of the following. 


Side wall of a 3D printed model


Possible Causes and Solutions

Head Misalignment

The print heads are not be aligned properly.

Solution: Run the Head Alignment wizard.

See the User Guide for guidelines.

Preventive measures:  Check print head alignment once a month or after any print head replacement.


Dulled or Misaligned Roller Scraper

The roller scraper may be dull or misaligned, and therefore, not properly removing excess material from the roller. If the roller is not clean, surface quality can be affected.

Solution: Replace the roller scraper.

See the User Guide for instructions.

If you are using one of our PolyJet Desktop printers, replace the roller waste collector assembly.

Preventive measures: Replace the roller scraper blade after 1,000 hours of printing or if it does not effectively keep the roller clean, whichever comes first. Also, periodically test the effectiveness of the roller scraper when you clean the roller waste collector.


TIP: In addition to the suggested above, you can also run the Dynamic Nozzle Test as a diagnostic tool if you suspect the nozzles are not working properly.