Missing Material

Missing Material on the Top Surface of a 3D Print

Sometimes, a 3D print has missing material on the top surface. Sink holes may appear on the top surface.

Note: The first phase of diagnosing quality issues is verifying that the printer is calibrated properly.

PQ - Missing Material1


Possible Causes and Solutions

The Roller Waste Collector Full of Material 

The roller waste collector is full of material, which can affect the 3D print.

Solution: Remove and clean the roller waste collector with Isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth.

Preventive measures: Make sure the roller waste collector is always clean. For easy access, remove the roller waste collector and clean it separately.


Print Head is Not Calibrated

The issue can appear when the print head is not calibrated or was not recently calibrated.

Solution: Run the following calibrations to make sure that the printer is calibrated:

  1. Run the Advanced Head Optimization wizard.
  2. Run the Advanced printing diagnostics option under Pattern Test.
  3. Run the Head Calibration wizard.

Refer to the relevant User Guide for guidelines. 

Preventive Measures: Run the calibrations as required.