3DFashion - Color Bleeding

Color Bleeding on Bottom Surface of Fabric

color bleeding

Color bleeding appears as stains on the bottom surface of the fabric due to too much material absorption into the fabric.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Printing Material Penetrates the Fabric

The printing material penetrates the fabric and causes the 3D print to appear on the back surface of the fabric.

Solution 1: Print the Fabric Analyzer and follow instructions as described in the relevant best practice guide: Printing on Fabric with J850 Prime FabriX - EN PolyJet Best Practice and Printing on Fabric with J850 TechStyle - EN PolyJet Best Practice.

Solution 2: Print an adhesion layer that is thick enough to compensate for the absorption.

Solution 3: Change the design to compensate for the absorption of the printing material into the fabric.

Preventive Measures: Use the Fabric Analyzer, Bleeding test, with the selected fabric and printing material to check different adhesion layer thicknesses. This enables you to reduce the likelihood that the 3D print will absorb into the fabric and appear on the back surface of the fabric.

This is an image of the 3D prints of only colors at different heights without the core layer:

1.00 / 0.400 (mm) layer