3D Printing Curling

Sometime, parts may curve upwards and detach from the build tray. This can happen with certain materials or printing processes for various reasons.


3D print curled corner


Possible Causes and Solutions

Internal stress may cause parts to curve upwards and detach from the tray. Below you can find some recommended solutions.


Change Part Orientation 

  • Try placing the longest part of the model to on the Y axis or on a slant. This extends print time.

Placing model on 3d software

  • Try placing a small model in the lower right corner of the tray. This will result in a longer print time for each slice.

Placing a model on 3d software

Preventive measures: Same as above.


Change the Model Material

Try changing a rigid material to a VeroFlex or a digital material of Vero and flex material, as VeroFlex is less sensitive to curling. 

Preventive measures: Same as above.


Change the Settings

  • A matte surface finish may reduce the UV exposure to the top layers of a print for certain geometries.
  • In the Tray Settings dialog box, select the check box Minimum pause between slices...
    It is recommended to start by changing the delay time to 40 seconds. If it helps prevent the curling, you can try reducing the delay time and checking the results.

Preventive measures: Same as above.


Check the UV Intensity

Calibrate the UV lamp and contact your Stratasys service provider.

Preventive measures: Same as above.