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Stratasys Support Center – FDM - End of Service Information

The End of Support dates and Extended Service Period information for discontinued products are listed below.

For more information on support plans and spare-part availability, please contact your Stratasys representative.


Product End of Service* Extended Service Period
Service Time & Materials Printing Materials
Dimension Elite 28-FEB-24
Dimension SST/BST
31-DEC-14 Available Available
Dimension SST/BST 768 30-APR-17 Available Available
Dimension SST/BST 1200 30-JUN-15 Available Available
Dimension SST/BST 1200es 28-FEB-24
FDM 1600/1650 31-DEC-11 Not Available Available
FDM 2000/3000 31-DEC-11 Not Available Available
FDM 8000 31-DEC-08 Not Available Available
Finishing Touch Smoothing Station 30-NOV-19 Not Available Not Available
Fortus 200MC 31-MAR-17 Available Available
Fortus 250mc 28-FEB-24
Fortus 360mc/ Fortus 400mc 28-JUN-22
Fortus eV, eT 31-MAR-16 Available Available
Genisys/Genisys XS 31-DEC-04 Not Available Not Available
Maxum 31-DEC-13 Not Available Not Available
Mojo 28-FEB-24
Prodigy 15-AUG-09 Not Available Available
Prodigy Plus 31-MAR-15 Available Available
Quantum 31-DEC-13 Not Available Not Available
uPrint /uPrint Plus 17-DEC-18 Available Available
uPrint SE/uPrint SE Plus/ GrabCAD Compatible 28-FEB-24
Vantage (I/X/S/SE)/Titan 31-MAR-16 Not Available Not Available
Wave Wash Support Cleaning System 28-FEB-24

*Service contracts can be purchased up to one year before the End of Service date.

PLEASE NOTE: Stratasys keeps the right to change the end of service date with advanced notice

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