Oferecimento de Serviços

Stratasys Support Center – Service Offering

Stratasys Service Offering provide on-going support to our valuable customers worldwide.
Depending on the contract service level, the service provided will vary.  

Generally speaking, a Stratasys Service Offering provides:

  • On-site technical service
  • Spare parts
  • Priority service scheduling
  • Discounted user training
  • Discount on print heads
Customers Win
  • Priority service and quick response times
  • Fast delivery of replacement parts
  • On-sites service when needed
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance minimizes downtime
  • Scheduled software and hardware updates,giving you access to the most recent developments
  • Expert application and technical training providing continuous
  • Protection from spare parts price increases
  • Predictable maintenance expenditures to make budgeting easier

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