Stratasys Support Center – Polyjet Legacy

In this section, you can find technical resources and service documentation for legacy PolyJet printers no longer offered for sale.

The End of Support dates for discontinued products are listed below.

For more information on support plans and spare-part availability, please contact your Stratasys representative.

Product** End of Service*                         Extended Service Period
    Service Contracts Printing Materials
Alaris30 31-DEC-17 Unavailable Unavailable
Alaris30pro 31-DEC-20
Alaris30U 31-DEC-20
Connex260 30-JUN-23
Connex260U 30-SEP-23
Connex350 31-JAN-21    
Connex350U 31-JAN-21
Connex500 30-JUN-23
Connex500U 30-JUN-23
Eden 250 31-DEC-15 Available Available
Eden 260 31-DEC-14 Available Available
Eden 260S 30-SEP-24 Available Available
Eden 260V 31-DEC-21
Eden 330 31-DEC-14 Available Available
Eden 333 31-DEC-14 Available Available
Eden 350 31-DEC-16 Available Available
Eden 350V 31-DEC-21
Eden 500V 30-JUN-23
Objet24 31-OCT-25
Objet24 V2 31-DEC-20
Objet30 31-OCT-25
Objet30 Orthodesk 31-DEC-20
Objet30 PRO V2 31-DEC-20
Objet30 V2 31-DEC-20
Objet30 PRO v2 Scholar 31-DEC-20

*Service contracts can be purchased up to one year before the End of Service date.
**For more information see Product Serial Numbers link below.

PLEASE NOTE: Stratasys keeps the right to change the end of service date with advanced notice

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