Cloud Services for Connected Printers

Connect your printer to access valuable services

Stratasys offers an IoT solution through a secure cloud-based connection for Stratasys 3D printers.

Features Benefits
  • Remote printer diagnosis for faster resolution
  • Easy access to printer utilization and material consumption data
  • Notifications of required replacements of select spare parts
  • Predictive alerts for likely future failures of monitored components
  • Proactive service visits based on printer usage
  • Remote access to print job status and cartridge/canister
    replacement alerts through the GrabCAD Print mobile application
  • Automatic software updates (optional, at customer discretion)
  • Increased printer uptime
  • Increased efficiency
  • Shorter time to resolution
  • Remote visibility into printer data

Note: Depending on the printer model, feature availability may differ.

How do I connect my printer to Stratasys cloud-based services?

Working in online mode is the default setting for GrabCAD Print.

If this setting was changed and you are working in offline mode, you can enable the online mode again in 2 simple steps.

Watch a short video on how to perform these steps in GrabCAD Print.

Your Information Security and Privacy Matter to Us.

To ensure your privacy and the security of your information:

  • Your printer data is not visible to other customers.

  • Private data, such as job name and username, is encrypted before being sent to the Stratasys cloud.

  • Design files are not uploaded to the Stratasys cloud without customer permission.

  • Stratasys addresses cybersecurity threats and maintains a cloud-security policy in accordance with current industry standards. Learn the details in this whitepaper on “Security Practices at Stratasys/GrabCAD”.