FDM Certified AM Operator - Level3

2 days

The group of attendees is limited to 6 participants.

Currently offered in North America (Eden Prairie, Minnesota) and Europe (Baden-Baden, Germany) offices.

Upcoming Classes North America

  • July 11-12, 2024
  • September 17-18, 2024
  • October 10-11, 2024


  1. Online program on Stratasys Academy Learning Management System with the following mandatory items:
    • Machine Operations for F123, Fortus 450mc, F770 and F900
    • GrabCAD Print Workflow for FDM Printers
    • Stratasys FDM Materials
    • Stratasys Applications
    • Production Parts
  2. Instructor-led training with remote delivery option:
    • Advanced Insight and File Preparation

Successful completion of the above prerequisites will entitle participants to register to the in-person, face-to-face certification course at Stratasys regional training centers.

Training Language

  • English

Target Audience

  • Operators

Training Description
The purpose of this course is to equip AM Operators with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to expertly manage and run their Stratasys FDM printers. You will learn about:

  • pre-printing considerations
  • design guidelines
  • how to properly calibrate the printer to achieve a desired application
  • printing workflow
  • post-processing and finishing techniques
  • maintenance and troubleshooting

The program consists of:

  • A 2-day training event at Stratasys with an expert trainer.
  • A final certification exam.

Objective of this Training
By the end of this course, participants will have advanced skills and knowledge of printer operations such as:

  • Identifying the proper material for their print to meet a designers’ guidelines
  • Implementing best practices for tip / printhead replacement
  • Understanding support orientation and how to do the proper setting for your application
  • Maximizing printer uptime

Upon successful completion of the certification training, participants will have an advanced understanding of a key AM technology and be able to operate and maintain their Stratasys FDM printer to maximize printer uptime and print parts to their fullest potential.

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